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Frequent Questions

  • How much does it cost to come to Teen Challenge of Arkansas?

    There is a $650 Induction Fee. Although it costs $1,800 / month per student we do not require a monthly fee to stay in the program.
    We do ask that the families and friends of the student support the program, financially, if possible.

  • Can the student make money while in the program?

    Students do not have the opportunity to make money while they are in the residential program.

  • Can I send money to the student while they are at Teen Challenge?

    Money that comes in for the student will be kept in their student account and used for Commissary. They following outlines the account procedures.
    • After the full Induction Fee is paid we follow an 80/20 rule.
    • For donations made by student’s families
    • 20% to student account
    • 80% to Teen Challenge
    • For donations made to the student’s medical account
    • 80% to student medical account
    • 20% to Teen Challenge

  • Will the student be allowed to come home for a pass?

    While in the first phase of the program, the student will be allowed to have two Off-Campus passes. The first can be scheduled after 60 days in the program and the second after 90 days. The Off-Campus passes must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance with the approval of the student’s assigned minister. There are NO overnight passes while in the Induction Phase.

  • What about phone calls?

    Students in the program are not able to make or receive phone calls for the first 30 days they are here. They can, however, write and receive mail immediately. After 30 days, if the student is single with no children, they are allowed one phone call per week. If they are married or have children, they may have two phone calls per week.

  • Where do I sent Mail and Packages?

    Mail and Small Packages may be sent to: PO Box 8177, Hot Springs Village, AR, 71910. Boxes larger than a shoebox should be sent via UPS, FedEx, or other delivery services to our physical address of 155 Walnut Valley Road, Hot Springs, AR, 71909. All letters and packages must have the student's name written on them.

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