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Our classwork contains two primary channels: PSNC (Personal Studies for New Christians) - which is an individualized study customized for each student's needs and struggles, and GSNC (Group Studies for New Christians) - which consists of 14 week-long lecture classes taught by one of our staff or volunteers with students being tested at the end of each week.

Examples of PSNC topics include:

  • Does God have Plans for My World? 
  • A New Look At Life 
  • Yes! I Want To Become A Christian 
  • My Questions About Christianity 
  • I’m Not Sure If I Am A Christian 
  • Now That I’m A Christian 
  • Who Is God? 
  • God’s Plan For The Family 
  • Showing Kindness 
  • Forgiving Others 
  • Your Thoughts 
  • A New Way Of Talking 
  • Showing Respect 
  • Enthusiasm 
  • Showing Gentleness 
  • Other topics that are under development

Examples of GSNC include:

  • How Can I Know I’m a Christian 
  • A Quick Look At the Bible 
  • Attitudes 
  • Temptation 
  • Successful Christian Living 
  • Growing through Failure 
  • Christian Practices 
  • Obedience to God 
  • Obedience to Man 
  • Anger and Personal Rights 
  • How to Study the Bible 
  • Love and Accepting Myself 
  • Personal Relationships with Others 
  • Spiritual Power and the Supernatural
  • ECFA
  • Parents Speak Out About Addiction