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You can begin to write your loved one from the day he enters the program. Staff will screen all incoming and outgoing mail. Students must provide their own postage, envelopes, and stationary. Please keep your correspondence encouraging. We look forward to working with you to see continued progress and growth. Students are not permitted to send or receive email.

Mailing address for letters:
Students Name
Adult & Teen Challenge of Arkansas
PO Box 8177
Hot Springs Village, AR 71910

Care Packages

Students are allowed to receive packages from home. These packages are intended to facilitate student necessities. Packages may contain clothing, toiletries and personal items such as photos. Students are not allowed to receive food or candy in their packages. Any items sent of this nature will be shared with the entire program. See What To Bring list for more details on what can and cannot be sent.
Packages must be sent through UPS or FedEx. DO NOT send packages through the US Post Office.

Address for mailing packages:
Student’s Name
Adult & Teen Challenge of Arkansas
155 Walnut Valley Road
Hot Springs Village, AR 71909

Phone Calls

After the student has been in the program for 30 days he is permitted one 10 minute phone call per week, unless he has children, then he is permitted two 10 minute phone calls per week, one of which must be to his children. 


Students with children under the age of 18 will be allowed a 4 hour on-hill visit* after 30 days. The under-age children must be present.

The student is permitted 2 visits from IMMEDIATE FAMILY ONLY while he is in the Induction Phase (first 5 months) of the program. The student must be in the program a minimum of 60 days before the first visit can occur. All visits must be approved 2 weeks in advance with the student’s minister.

Visits* are on Saturday’s from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Students in good standing will be allowed to leave the campus with their immediate family during this time. Upon return to the campus, students and their belongings will be searched. Students may only bring back items on the “What To Bring List.” No home passes are permitted during the Induction phase. Visitors must refrain from use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco while the student is with them. We also request that students not be allowed to use the phone while on pass.

Once a student enters the Training Phase (second 5 months), he will be allowed a 4 hour on-hill pass* after 30 days, a 7 day home pass after 2 months, a 4 hours on-hill pass* after 3 months, and a 8 hour off-hill pass after 4 months.

Visitors must be a member of the student's immediate family only. Immediate Family is defines as: Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Spouse, and children.

*Due to COVID restrictions all passes are limited to 8 family members at this time.



The Holidays can be a very difficult time for families when there is a loved one away. This Holiday season we are also dealing with COVID-19 and preventative measures. We have been working hard at protecting your loved one while they are in our care. With our students’ and staffs’ health in mind we have come up with a visitation plan for the Holidays that we believe will keep everyone safe while also allowing for loved ones to spend time together. 

Click the link below for the schedule for our visitation times and instructions for making this an enjoyable time for everyone. As you make your Holiday plans, include your loved one currently in Adult & Teen Challenge of Arkansas. All current students are eligible to have family visit for Christmas. If your loved one is eligible for an off-hill pass, please contact his minister at least two weeks in advance for scheduling on the allowed days.
24 hours before your visit with your loved one we ask that each visiting family member fill out the form COVID-19 Screening Before Visit linked below. 

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